Vermont Retreats with Killington Boot Camp

Many of our former New Life Hiking Spa guests will surely remember Beth Roberts, who worked as our fitness professional.  For those of you looking to return to Vermont for some healthy food and hiking or those who have randomly found this page, we are excited to share with you that Beth is offering two retreats in Vermont!

In addition to working at New Life Hiking Spa for many years, Beth is a certified fitness coach with 28+ years of experience. She owns and operates the Killington Boot Camp Wellness Center where a variety of classes and events round out the program.  Take a look at her Wellness Center page and read all about her background.  You might even recognize some people on her team that was part of the New Life Hiking Spa staff.

Beth’s two Vermont retreats will be held in Plymouth, Vermont, on July 14-17, 2023, and September 15 – 18, 2023.  You will experience local cuisine, all levels of yoga and fitness classes, hiking, and spending time outdoors in the beautiful Green Mountains.  Check out the information on Beth’s Vermont Retreats here:

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