Studies show that children have lost reading comprehension since the start of the pandemic!

Below you will find resources to get them caught up this summer.  According to Dr. Kindel Turner Nash, an Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education at UMBC, “Parents can help kids catch up in reading with a 10-minute daily routine.”  Read the full article in “The Conversation” by clicking here:

Caregivers Can Help Kids Catch Up in Reading in 10 Minutes a Day! 

 See below for other helpful resources:

Children benefit by being read to and there are lots of options online. However, some are better than others and I have researched them all for you! Below you will find links to my favorites.

Reading aloud demonstrates reading concepts to children. The best option is reading aloud in person. Go to your local library and check out books each week. Schedule story time with your children in your day. If your schedule allows, take your child to story time at your local library. Most children’s programs at local libraries have additional times for art and craft activities. During the summer, many might have special speakers that come from the local parks or local authors. All of these activities will instill a love of reading and help get your child ready for the next school year.

Videos are also a wonderful way to get your child exposed to reading. It is important to have videos that show the text of the book while the person is reading and turning the pages correctly. Below are some of the best:

Reading is the foundation of learning and provides a “Golden Future” for children. So, Go Read, and Go Gold with a child in your life!

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