Meet Jimmy Lesage, M.S.

For over 40 years, Jimmy LeSage, M.S., was the director of New Life Hiking Spa, which he founded in 1978. Thousands of people came to New Life as a refuge from the real world to get back on a healthy track.

Jimmy was inspired by his work creating New Life Hiking Spa to receive a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Bridgeport, study nutrition at Harvard University, and to join Bill and Beth Reidler’s “Understand Yourself and Others” workshops.

To keep up with the latest in body/mind technology, he studied a wide range of bodywork treatments including Rolfing, polarity and acupuncture. From India to Val Morin, Canada, to visiting the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, his education in bodywork and nutrition has taken Jimmy around the globe.

For over four decades, his journey confirmed how undeniably challenging it can be to alter one’s eating habits or work towards a lifestyle change. With all the information and support available for such healthful changes, finding the best method to approach transformations in diet, exercise and lifestyle can be confusing. Jimmy is available to help you navigate a path to wellness.

New Life Consulting can be part of this process by addressing lifelong social, psychological and emotional obstacles that affect your eating habits. By learning to work with a healthier and more balanced diet, clients will be able to break free from old habits and start that “new life”.

It is Jimmy’s intention that a series of counseling sessions with him will support clients to gain insight into changing eating habits and developing a personal approach to weight control and above all, well-being.

Jimmy LeSage has come up with a multidimensional process for wellness and food coaching to take place remotely, from where ever you are located. His method works by integrating a personalized approach to help clients assimilate healthy eating into a distinctive relationship with food. His method is to work with the education, psychology, and sociology of eating.

Jimmy can be reached at 802-353-2954 to discuss how New Life Consulting can help you get back on track with your “New Life” journey.  


Jimmy brainstorms ways that will work for client’s specific situations, whether it is improving grocery shopping, conquering fuzzy thinking, overcoming cooking ruts, negotiating new eating habits, or dealing with exercise issues. He has helped me in all these situations.

Lydia S.

I have a very stressful and busy work schedule. After assessing areas where I was eating unhealthy food, Jimmy and I worked together to create a personal strategy for shopping for healthy food, to create quick healthy meals and snacks that all fit into my hectic lifestyle. I learned to integrate more and more a water-based food environment. I have significantly changed my lifestyle and feel the benefits related to my body and mind.

Chuck C.

My consultations with Jimmy was time and money well spent. I learned how to have a healthy relationship with my weight lose goals. Jimmy helped me create an urban New Life Wellness retreat at home and I visit every day.
Wendy S.