Stanford University Newspaper reported that the pandemic’s impact on learning among children in the earliest grades, stalled during the pandemic. For example, reading fluency in 2nd and 3rd grade is now 30 percent behind what would be expected in a typical year.

That is why for my Girl Scout Gold Award, I have launched Go Read, Go Gold. You can find my newly created website at with various tips and information to help you get to reading with your child again and get them caught up using resources I have investigated.

In March of 2020, schools across the country were closed due to Covid-19.  Many children went on spring break, not knowing that they would not be returning for the remainder of the school year.  Since then, the schools have been remote, opened back up, shut down again due to increases in cases, then opened again.  Throughout this ordeal, we have worn masks to keep our friends, families, and neighbors healthy and to stop the spread.

The past two-plus years have been tough. It’s been tough on parents, educators, and students. Children learning to read have suffered. Toddlers learning to form words have suffered. With the coverings over our mouths and the stress of life during the pandemic, storytime stopped for many children.

Reading is the foundation of learning and provides a “Golden Future” for children. So, Go Read, and Go Gold with a child in your life!

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LeAnne lives between Vermont and Florida and enjoys tennis, ice skating, theatre, reading, and writing. She is a 14-year-old homeschooled, high school student and has already completed six college credits. LeAnne is a member of Mensa, Girl Scouts of the Green & White Mountains, and is also a “huddle leader” for the Vermont Fellowship of Christian Athletes. LeAnne has been a member of Girl Scouts since 1st grade and has been a Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, and is now a Senior.


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