Cost-Cutting Vacation Tips

Make Your Dream Vacation a Reality With These Cost-Cutting Tips

(StatePoint) After more than two years of the pandemic, you’re probably eager to get out and explore the world. But as desire and demand for travel skyrockets, so do the prices to get there. Here are some great ways to maximize your savings, so you can make your dream vacation a reality:

1. Be flexible: If your travel dates are not set in stone, being flexible with timing can help you save substantially. Traveling at off-hours or mid-week can trim your plane or train fare, as can avoiding holiday weekends. This same flexibility mindset can even help you at the airport. If a flight is overbooked, airlines often ask for volunteers to give up their seats in exchange for vouchers, credits, and other perks.

2. Book wisely: Look for exclusive travel deals available from T-Mobile MONEY to help you cut travel costs. Customers who use their T-Mobile MONEY card via the T-Mobile Travel site can get up to 50% off hotels and up to 45% off car rentals.

3. Do as the locals do: The areas of a town or region where tourists congregate tend to have the most expensive restaurants and stores. For higher-quality shopping and dining and more authentic experiences, do as the locals do. After seeing the must-see sights, get recommendations and insights from your hotel concierge, rental host, restaurant servers, and other locals for the best ways to get off the beaten path.

4. Eat in: Depending on the type of travel you’re doing, it may make sense to eat some of your meals in to save some money. If there is a small kitchen or grill where you’re staying, make use of it. Visiting a nearby grocery store can actually be an interesting way to take in the local flair of your destination and sample some of the best food the area has to offer.

Don’t let money matters wreck your travel plans. With a few smart strategies, you can take the summer vacation you imagined, affordably.

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